A Wonderful Friend and Assistant On iPhone, iPad Mini, iPod Touch – Siri

the cool things Siri can do for you

Siri – our friend and assistant

What is Siri?

In general, Siri is a great friend and assistant for us. It is packed with iPhone 4S and iOS 5. Personally, Siri can be a loyal personal assistant and good friend in our daily life. When you feel boring, you can talk to it, and it will never be impatient with your endless talk or question. You can talk to it with normal sentences and in normal tones just as you are talking to your real friend. For the most part, Siri can respond with the information you are requesting.

Over the time, the more you interact with Siri, the more Siri gets to know you, just like real friends. Siri will know the way you talk and continue to improve the interpretation of the things you say. You can tell it your name, your wife’s name, and your address, and so on. Anything you want to tell it. It will remember the information and then you can communicate with it more easily.

How to Start Siri?

When you want to talk with Siri or get Siri to do things for you, how can you access it? There are 2 primary ways.

  1. Push and hold the Home button for a few seconds
  2. Lift your phone or Pad, Touch to your ear when it is on.

Method 2 is not so easy to perform successfully. So method 1 is the preferred way.

When you activate Siri successfully, you will see the silver circle with a microphone pops up at the bottom of the screen and hear two beeps. Then Siri is listening to your request. When you complete your talk, you can tap on the microphone or wait for another double beep. The purple circle spinning around the silver circle demonstrates that Siri is thinking.

What Siri Can Do for You?

Since Siri is mostly designed to help people with daily routine, what can it do for you? Here I list a few things that Siri can help you.

  1. Have fun with Siri. When you are alone at home and feel boring, you can have fun with Siri. And what is amazing, often times, if you ask the same question 2 or 3 times, you will get different responses. What you can ask? Here is a short list I can imagine.

“Who are you, can you tell me about yourself?”

“Are you male or female?”

“How old are you?”

“Sing a song for me”

“Are you married and who is your wife?”

“Give me money.”


2. Wake you up. You can tell Siri to wake you up at a specific time. Every night when you go to bed, you can ask Siri to set an alarm for you. You can say “Wake me up at 7 o’clock in the morning” or “Set an alarm for me in 7:00 am”. If you want to check your alarm, just say “Check my alarm”. Siri will respond by displaying all the alarms. What if you want to turn of the alarms? That’s just as easy as setting the alarms. Tell Siri: “Turn off my alarms”. And Siri will disable the alarm and let you wake up the time you want, say in weekends.

3. Count time for you. Sometimes, you want a countdown timer. For example, when you are cooking, and you need to leave for a while, just tell Siri: “Set a timer for 25 minutes”. Then Siri will count the time for you. Also you can pause or cancel the timer by saying “Pause my timer” or “Cancel my timer”.

4. Create location based reminder. The built in Reminder app on your iOS device has powerful reminder capabilities. This means that you can set a reminder to automatically appear when you arrive or leave a place. For example, if you want to withdraw cash in the way home, you can set in the reminder app with detailed information. But this is anyhow some cockamamie. If you have Siri in your iOS device, this can be so simple and convenient.

However, you need to add location to your personal address book. Give each location a title, like “Home”, “Work”, etc. by tapping on the blue text on the side of the new address where it says “other”.

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Create location based reminder

When the location setting is done, tell Siri to “Remind me to withdraw cash in XX (the location you specified)”.

5. Give you nutritional information on most foods. Siri is able to tap into Wolfram Alpha, which is a computation knowledge engine. So there is an entire bank of knowledge that can be drawn upon. One helpful piece is nutritional information of most food. You can ask many things like “What is the nutritional value of an egg”, “What is the nutritional value of a cup of black beans”, “How many calories in a small apple?” etc. Siri will look up the information and present the answer in a nutritional value label right on your iPhone, iPad mini, iPod Touch screen.

Actually, there are many other things Siri can do for you! You can realize your own pleasure and find new things when interacting with it!

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