Top 2 Ways to Fix Apple Watch Stuck in Boot Loop

“Went to install 3.0 ended up in a brutal boot loop/stuck on Apple logo. Anyone have any ideas? It is also randomly tapping. I updated to watch OS 3 about an hour ago. The update finished and everything was going well until I got stuck in a boot loop on the Apple logo.”

apple watch stuck in boot loop

Apple watch can send messages, make phone calls, track health activity, run a wide range of apps and so on. It is more and more popular as it has so many functionalities and it’s easy to carry. However, many users find it is really frustrating that Apple watch stuck in boot loop after upgrading.

This article shares two solutions that posted on Apple Communities and other forums. These two ways have been proved to be effective and easy to fix Apple watch boot loop issue so we do hope they can help you out quickly.

Way 1: Force Restarting

Force restarting is the usual way to fix Apple watch stuck in reboot loop and make your Apple watch come back to normal. You can force restarting only Apple watch to give it a go. If the first attempt doesn’t work, please try the second option to force restarting both iPhone and Apple watch.

force restarting apple watch

How to force restarting Apple watch:
1. Hold down the power and crown to force restart Apple watch. It will show update rings then turn off, come back on and show the rings again.
2. Type your passcode on Apple watch. It can work fine after the few cycles.

How to force restarting iPhone and Apple watch
1. Force restarting iPhone first by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake and Home button simultaneously for around 10 seconds and you’ll see the Apple logo.
2. Immediately force restarting Apple watch by pressing and holding both side button and Digital Crown for 10 around 10 seconds and you’ll see Apple logo.
3. You can contact Apple support if your Apple watch cannot start up.

Way 2: Fix Apple Watch Stuck in Boot Loop Using ReiBoot

If your Apple watch reboots randomly on Apple logo, black screen, ReiBoot is another good choice for you to fix the issue by repairing system procedure. Follow the steps below to fix Apple watch loop.

1. Connect your Apple watch to mac via Bluetooth. Then, the program will detect your device automatically.
connect apple watch to mac via bluetooth

2. Click “Fix All iOS Stuck” option in the program interface to fix Apple watch stuck in boot loop.
click fix all ios stuck to fix apple watch stuck in boot loop

3. Generally, you can get the screen below. Click “Repair Now” to start repairing.
click repair now to start repairing

4. Click “Browse” to choose a path to save the fresh firmware and then click “Download” to download the newest firmware package online.
download the newest firmware online

5. After finishing downloading firmware, please click “Start Repair” to repair your apple watch without data loss.
click start repair to repair apple watch

6. Your apple watch will boot up and function well after repair process completes.
apple watch will function well after repair process completes

Hope this article will help you fix your Apple watch boot loop. If you have any other good suggestions, leave your words below please. Thank you very much for your valuable comments!

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