Top 12 Apple iOS 11 New Features You Need to Know

Apple hold its annual WWDC developer conference in the United States, which always has launched a new iOS operating system. This year’s iOS 11, is a major update, adding a number of new features, now let me with five minutes to summarize for everyone which of 20 features and precautions it.


1) using iMessage more convenient

If a large group of friends out meals, the most troublesome in the past is to collect large amounts of cash when the final “money clip” Sometimes you hear of have to charge a lot of “loose silver” even more trouble. In iOS 11, Apple joined the Apple Pay in the Peer-to-Peer (P2P)  pay function, as long as through iMessage can pay to a friend, but certification is still carried out in order to fingerprint authentication through Touch ID, and to Apple Pay payment as . When you use the pay, more money will be automatically deposited into the bank, very easy to use. After the “money clip” If you hear of people are using iOS devices to spot “debt collection” even more convenient.


2) Siri can eventually translate!

In iOS 11, Apple also joined the new Siri features, in addition to supporting more languages ​​and can display multiple results outside, this time also added a translation feature, as long as the mother tongue spoken to Siri a talk, then then told Siri translation a specified language, Siri will result in text and voice will be displayed later did a lot easier to travel, especially to some of the places where English is not universal (for example: Japan). This time translation feature Siri is still in beta, being only available in English translated into Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian and Spanish, but whether it can support two-way translation? The official did not mention, appear to be necessary tried to know. In addition, Siri also added support for more third-party software, also adding more intelligent learning function, it seems that Apple’s goal is to everyone’s life in every detail are inseparable from Siri Oh!

3) Camera:  a finer image of better quality relative to the new file format

In addition, the camera aspects of iOS 11 also added a new feature, which is certainly the most important is that no matter shade or adopt a new format film, photo film with respect to switch to a High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) format, so each iPhone 7 or 7 Plus with photographs, the volume can be finer; As for the film aspect, also uses a High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format, compared to the previous H.264 formats, video volume more than half of the fine, nor will affect the quality. In addition, iPhone 7 Plus unique portrait mode, but also improves the quality of photos, especially in low-light conditions, the effect will be more obvious. Further, portrait mode may use an optical anti-shake, True Tone flashing lights, the HDR and other functions.

4) Live Photo:  the manufactured without difficulty with long exposure

In addition to new features on the shade film functions, iOS 11 in the photo (Photos) program has also added new features, first of all, in addition to adding more memory column kind, but when enjoy video memory, when the vertical display, photos will be displayed effect; landscape mode will show a movie format, very intelligent. But the focus of APP photo, or on Live Photo. Browse used in iOS 11 Live Photo albums, not only can set their own as the moment at which Live Photo cover, you can also add a lot of new features, such as: a non-stop loop with Live Photo, or make bounce effect that is similar to the “pop-up shells into the” effect, very enjoyable. However, the most powerful, certainly the new “long exposure” feature, for example: We Live Photo shoot with the river, just use this feature, you can make a similar effect long exposure, so that we do not have a tripod make beautiful long exposure photos. I was thinking: used later to beat the rails, light rails photo, it will certainly be more convenient.


5) Control Center: The new Control Center easier to use

On the interface, iOS 11 also uses a newly designed control center, they wanted to control music playback in the control center, do not turn the page, just to 3D Touch method, using a pressure tap music control bar, you can demonstrate the music player interface, you want to play, stop playing music, or skip to the previous or next music, very easy. In addition, other features, including: a variety of wireless switching functions, control volume, open the torch and so on, one by one can be done on the same page, they wanted to control the iPhone, even for the big screen iPhone 7 Plus, you can also easily have controlled with one hand a.


6) iPhone become more “artificial intelligence.”

iPhone itself has been part of the smart phone, but in iOS 11, iPhone will become more “intelligent”, it secretly observed behavior with the use of home, for example: look at what page, what movies to enjoy, and then give the most appropriate advice. For example: When you browse travel information page of a country, it will write down some keywords, and then when we chat communication software with a friend, simply enter one or two letters of the keyword, even if everyone in the past never enter this place name, it will still appear in the vocabulary suggestions column, very powerful. As for the kind of respect, it will press a few elements records, including: language identification (Language Identification), symbols (Tokenization), Lemmatization (Lemmatization), part of the semantic (Part of Speech) and named entity recognition (Named Entity Recognition), really very smart.


7) Apple Map: the final indoor map!

As for maps of, iOS 11 also has new features this time, not only joined the line on the navigation instructions, we will not make the wrong lane line when not driving, the map data this time have joined the indoor map, which will include a floor map of the shopping malls and airports, and shopping malls in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong airport, the official also said that the relevant function has been added, in the future we have to find the location specified store in the mall, or to find a gate where airport and took out iPhone will know. In addition, if you’re also function iOS 11 new drive, as long as the system senses of everyone connected the iPhone Apple Car system, it will recommend the use of a home, “You Are the One while driving” function that, after starting all message prompts are not will be displayed on the iPhone screen, while the iPhone will become full-screen display only black or navigation interface, in order to avoid interference with the family car.

The most special is, “You Are the One while driving” function even if the message has reached the iPhone, but with the home opened, the system will automatically respond to each other means that you are driving, the message will show up later, so you need not manually reply the other side also know you’re driving. Of course, the case of important messages, you need to let motorists instantly know that they can enter Urgent keyword, motorists still will immediately see a message, very considerate.


8) AirPlay 2: support was added to control multi-room AirPlay 2 Horn

In terms of smart home, iOS now supports multiple devices in the past, but in iOS 11 in, iOS eventually supports multiple control room speakers, as long as the specified brand of speakers, you can control the speakers in different rooms using a device what music to play, of course, also be used to control the Apple TV connected TV playing music friends.


9) Apple Music: can listen to music-loving friends know

Music App aspect, iOS 11 also added a small amount of new features, not only to know what friends like to listen to music, even when friends to a party in your house, but your favorite music can be plugged into your music playlist, live with you share it. Everyone in the new Apple Music interface, you can also see what music will be played at a few that we have to insert a song or Philon, are the early preparations.


10) App Store: The new App Store interface

iOS 11 of the App Store interface is also completely new look, not only the game, APP has its own pages, each page that can be seen in the content of the IAP, later to be “gold class” it is easier. In addition, it has also added “Today” interface, or what new APP game, one can see everything. But the whole interface, and over the past nine years, App Store interface is completely different, really want a little time to adapt


11) AR: added support element AR

In recent years, VR, AR etc. is becoming increasingly popular, relevant applications are also more and more, it seems that Apple would be difficult to resist this trend, in this time of iOS 11, also added support for AR function, as long as with the right APPS, you can the AR experience on iOS devices. Apple also released a ARKit, so that software developers can take advantage of the iPhone’s processor, motion sensor and lens, the AR element into its own APP or the game, I believe even go to the end of next year on the iPhone should play AR will become increasingly common.


12) For Chinese:   6 China-Related Features

Apple in recent years more and more attention to the Chinese market, in iOS 11 also home to pay more for China with the six new features, including: support for QR Code reading, anti-fraud SMS extension browsing traffic camera, support voice changed to Shanghai language text, enter the English alphabet on the 10-key keyboard and telephone number as Apple ID.

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