[Solved] iPhone 6s Home Button is Burning Out

Apple releases its iPhone 6s in the year of 2015. As we expected, there are some bugs in it when it comes to our eyes firstly. One of them is home button burning out. Most of the iPhone 6s users complain that iPhone 6s home button is burning out when they use it. It seems that such bug has appeared in iPhone 6 but now it become more seriously. What’s worse, some users can’t open the flashlight when they attempt to take photos, some of them even auto power-off. That’s really terrible! Consequently, in this article, we are going to share tips about how to solve this problem of iPhone 6s home button is burning out.


Why iPhone 6s home button is burning out

This is because iPhone 6s running speed is faster than the older iPhone, so that the temperature will rise. And home button is next to pyrotoxin, so it is hot and even burning out. And once the temperature of iPhone 6s is high, will influence the usage of some hardware, one of them is flashlight. When the machine fever, iOS system will pop up information about “Need to chill before using flashlight.” If iPhone 6s continue to burn out, system will power off automatically, in order to protect hardware be damaged by high temperature. Beside this, some possible reasons are, system software conflict or mother board working voltage instability. The last reason is, Touch ID fingerprint identification lead to iPhone 6s home button is burning out.

How to Fix Problem iPhone 6s is burning out

After knowing why iPhone 6s is burning out, then you need to learn how to fix iPhone 6s is burning out. Just keep reading as below:

[1]: First of all, when we feel that the phone home button is burning, keep pressing the power button in the right side of the phone.


Then enter the “Slide to Power Off” option window, and then slide it to close the iPhone, then restart it.


[2]: Or we are able to restart it by forces shutdown. At the same time, use your finger to press the Power and Home button on the right side, until we the iPhone 6s enter whiter Apple mode, then loosen the finger.


[3]: If the phone is still burning hot after rebooting, you can click the option: Settings->> General->> Reset->> Erase All Content and Settings, to restore. However, your data will lose in this method. Therefore, this is a careful consideration.

erase iphone data

[4]: It the above solutions are not working, please take the shopping invoice to the Apple after-sales service center in 15 days when you begin to buy the phone. Then to make sure the problem with the help of the Apple staff, they will change a new one for you.

[5]: Another way is to open your iPhone settings and then enter the general setting, then to open the software update, to check whether there is a new version or not. If yes, just to update the iOS system to repair the issue.

Well, that’s all the information that we collect, hope them helpful to you. By the way, if you have any other problems, such as iPhone stuck, iPhone runs too slow, iPhone backup and restore, iPhone remove ads, iPhone repair system, and iPhone data transfer, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone to fix them. It is a professional software and it supports Windows and Mac platform.

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