How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

Apple iPhone and iPad are the famous two products in the world. Some customers even purchase both two of them in hand. From time to time, users need to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad, or from iPad to iPhone. In this post, I will talk about how to do that with the top 3 best and easiest ways.

Way 1. Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad with Email

The most common and oldest way to send photos between iPhone and iPad is to make use of email. You can login the email on iPhone by using Mail app, to upload photos and send it to that email. Then login the same email on iPad and download them easily and quickly.


Way 2. Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad with AirDrop

For Apple users who own iPhone and iPad, there is a quite easy method for you to transfer data, that is to take advantage of AirDrop. This is the exclusive Bluetooth service on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. It allows you to send data among different iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad certainly. Consequently, don’t be try, just try to use AirDrop to share photos between iPhone and iPad. To enable it, you can launch Control Center to see it or to turn it on Settings.


Way 3. Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad with iTransGo

I think the most useful and helpful is iTransGo. As a piece of software to clone data from iPhone to iPad, iPhone to iPhone with rapid transfer speed, you can’t miss it at present. Let’s see how to clone photos from iPhone to iPad with iTransGo as below:

Step 1. Download, install and launch iTransGo to PC/Mac desktop or laptop. Connect iPhone and iPad to the computer via USB cable.

Step 2. iTransGo will recognize both of them and you are able to choose Photos on Media Data tab. Click Start Transfer button on the bottom right side of the window.

Step 3. After a while, you will see your selected photos on iPad perfectly. Now you are able to appreciate them easy day.

So that’s all the information about how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad. I fully recommend the third method by using iTransGo to complete the operation. In the end, if you have any other questions about this question, please leave me a comment freely. It’s my pleasure to help with you. Thank you.

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