How to Reset an iPhone 7 that Freezes during Setup

“Help! I am in trouble now! Who can tell me how to reset an iPhone 7 that freezes during setup? I buy my iPhone 7 for several weeks and recently it seems that there is something wrong with it. Now it’s freezing during setup, how to solve it please give me some suggestions. ”


It’s really so sad that we buy an iPhone 7 but something is wrong with it several days later. That is not we would like to see but sometimes it really happens. When we meet this question, how to deal with it? Is there any way to solve with it? Of course yes, we are able to use the following methods to deal with this problem. Let’s see how to reset an iPhone 7 that freezes during setup with the practical methods.

Method 1: Reset/Restore iPhone 7 with Reiboot

If you need to reset/restore iPhone 7, you can use Tenorshare Reiboot, which is a nice and professional free software t o fix all iPhone issues with one click, such as to put iOS device into recovery mode, to let your iPhone in/out of recovery mode. It supports Windows and Mac platform. You can choose it as a nice tool to fix iPhone 7 issues.

Now let’s see how to reset iPhone 7 that freezes during setup as with Reiboot as below.

Step 1-The same as other software, you need to download it from official website before using it. Then install and launch this application. Then you will see the main interface with color blue. Note that if your computer is Windows, download the Windows version, if Mac, download the Mac version.

Step 2-After that, connect your iPhone 7 to your personal computer. If the iTunes boot as the same time, that is a normal phenomenon, just ignore it. Wait for a few seconds, the Reiboot will recognize your software and begin to do you a favor.

Step 3-After connecting, you need to click the “Exit Recovery Mode” option to reset iPhone 7. If that doesn’t work at the first time, try it twice.

Method 2: Reset/Restore iPhone 7 with iCareFone

The other way is to use Tenorshare iCareFone to restore iPhone 7. If you are prudentially enough, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone to fix iPhone 7. This is a nice program to restore your iPhone 7 that freezes during setup. It also supports Windows and Mac. You can choose to fit it.

Now let’s see how to reset iPhone 7 that freezes during setup as below.

Step 1: Download and install iCareFone and then launch to open this software. You can also click the option to link to iCareFone from Reiboot.

Step 2: Connect iPhone 7 to computer, and then iCareFone will recognize your machine. You will see 6 sub-options, just choose “Fix iOS Stuck” and then to follow the steps.

Step 3: After a while, the software will reset/restore the frozen iPhone 7 for you and then your device will as usual as before.

Well that’s all about the solution, if it works, please share it with your friends, thank you so much.

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