How to Recover iPhone 5S Data – 3 Methods to Get Deleted Files Back

To many iPhone 5s users, iPhone data means a lot. Once the data get deleted or missing after jailbreak, factory settings reset, iOS update, etc. it seems that they are gone for good. Even when iPhone is lost or broken, they worried data more than iPhone. However, the truth is that you can recover iPhone 5S data from or without backup. Here are 3 methods for you to choose from.

Method 1 – No iPhone Backup Files: Use iPhone Data Recovery Software

If you don’t have any backup to restore from, it seems that you have to use a third party iPhone data recovery program.

iPhone 5s data lost

Tenorshare iPhone 5S Data Recovery

Tenorshare iPhone data recovery which provides you with 3 strategies to recover data is the recommended one here. It is used by users all over the round and received many good reviews. I used it and it recovered my contacts, photos, notes, calendar events, text messages and more data. Try it yourself by the following guide:


Firstly, downloading and running the program. After it, connect your iPhone to the PC.

Secondly, after scan, you can see the entire recoverable files list on the left of this program. Then choose the category of what you want to recover, and click the button of “Recover” to save them on your PC.

Finally, specify a proper save path for the recovered files. You can check your recovered data from the path.

Method 2 – Have iTunes Backup and iPhone is Available to Connect to iTunes

This is also a common method for iPhone users who lost data and have a good habit to backup iPhone to iTunes. Follow the below steps:

Go to iTunes >Preferences >Devices, there you will see a list of backup files. Choose what you want to restore from and click “Restore from Backup”.

Method 3 – iPhone is Lost/broken But iTunes Backup is Available

If you are unfortunately got your iPhone lost or broken, don’t worry if you backed up your iPhone frequently to iTunes. The tool iTunes data recovery is capable to recover iPhone data by extracting iTunes backup without iPhone. It is easy-to-use and has an user-friendly UI.

For Mac users, download iPhone Data Recovery for Mac. Free version is available for download.


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