Capture Your Screens with 3 Amazing Screen Recording Apps

Remember all those times when your friend sent a hilarious video on Snapchat, and you wanted to play it over and over again but can’t? Well, now you won’t have to deal with this issue because this article will suggest you the best iPhone screen recording apps so that you do not have to miss any video from your friends again.
Most of you might be aware of the new feature that Apple has incorporated in the iOS 11 software. With the new iOS 11 software, users can record iPhone screen using a built-in screen recorder. But despite all of it, it still has much room for improvement as it does not provide important features such as live streaming and integrations. Which is why these iPhone screening recording apps are still in great demand for people who are not completely satisfied with iOS 11′s new feature or are still using iOS 10 and below.

1. Airshow:

Quite popular amongst gamers as it works with Apple’s ReplayKit to support live streaming of games on iOS 10. Its ability to give complete screen coverage with amazing recording results while using less processing poweris one of the reasons people love this display recorder application so much. It works perfectly on iOS 9 and onwards. The only imperfect thing about this app is that the setup process is a bit long.
airshou app

2. Vidyo:

The reason this app gained sudden popularity on the app store is due to the features allowing you to record using both the front and back camera and other functions including microphone, resolutions, etc. The app controls not only the internal voice of the device but also the microphone. This iPhone screen recording app offers a resolution of 1080P with 60fps.With Vidyo, you can record the screen anywhere you are in the iOS, whether it’s the home screen or some other app. The only issue that exists with this app is that you can’t hear your voice from the speaker when the audio sound is being recorded.
vidyo app

3. BB Recorder:

With a very easy installation process and its main screen consisting of features such as Recording Screen, My videos, Camera, and Live Recording Screen, BB Recorder has become one of the widely used display recorder apps for iOS. With a friendly user-interface, this application not only records the iPhone screen but also enables you to stream the live broadcast through its server.
bb recorder app

So these were the 3 most popular apps available on the Apple store. Screen capture functionality is a feature that is very important and in very high demand in the iOS software. But the iOS software hasn’t been completely successful in incorporating all the features that the users require and thus these apps are ready and available to make things easier for all the iPhone users out there! Now capturing videos and uploading them online is only a click away!

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