Bypass iPhone 8 Passcode without iTunes in Two Ways Easily

Getting a new iPhone 8 is an exciting thing for most Apple lovers. However, the frustrating thing is that you forgot the password you set on the device. What’s worse, you entered the wrong password more than 6 times and your iPhone 8 became totally disabled. Using iTunes to restore your iPhone/iPad is a common way to factory reset your device to erase the passcode. But this way is risk. You may encounter various iTunes errors, even get your iPhone stuck in black screen with boot loop, iTunes logo or Apple logo during the restore. In this blog, we’ll show you two safe and effective ways to remove the passcode and unlock disabled iPhone 8 without iTunes. This is also applies to iPhone X/7/SE/6 Plus/5s/4, iPad and iPod Touch.
forgot iphone 8 passcode and iphone 8 is disabled

Way 1: How to Remove iPhone 8 Passcode via Find My iPhone in iCloud

Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is very useful to locate your iPhone or erase the content on the device remotely when your iPhone is lost or stolen. You can log into your iCloud account to factory reset your iPhone to remove the passcode. And Following are the steps.
Step 1: Go to to log into your iCloud account via web browser on computer or another phone, enter your Apple ID and password and click “Find iPhone” option.
log into icloud account and click find iphone
Step 2: Click “All Devices” at the top of the browser window and select the device you want to reset the password.
click all devices and choose the device you want
Step 3: Click “Erase iPhone” to wipe the data on the device. And this operation will clear the password as well.
click erase iphone to erase the data and password

Way 2: How to Unlock Disabled iPhone 8 with the iTunes Alternative

If you don’t want to use iTunes to restore your iPhone and you haven’t set up Find My iPhone in iCloud, you can try the iTunes alternative program – 4uKey, which is much easier and safer than iTunes to bypass the passcode, Touch ID, Face ID and unlock disabled iPhone/iPad. And here are the steps.
Step 1: Download, install, open 4uKey, connect your iPhone to PC/Mac via USB cable. The program will recognize your device automatically. Click Start to starting removing the passcode.
launch 4ukey and connect iphone to computer
Step 2: The program will download the latest iOS firmware package online. After finish firmware download, you can click “Unlock Now” to start clearing the passcode iPhone. And your iPhone will be unlocked within ten minutes successfully.
download firmware and restore iphone as new without passcode

This blog has shown you 2 effective ways on how to remove password and unlock disabled iPhone 8. If you still having trouble with unlocking a disabled iPhone, please don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving your comment below.

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