Top 12 Apple iOS 11 New Features You Need to Know

Apple hold its annual WWDC developer conference in the United States, which always has launched a new iOS operating system. This year’s iOS 11, is a major update, adding a number of new features, now let me with five minutes to summarize for everyone which of 20 features and precautions it.

1) using iMessage more convenient

If a large group of friends out meals, the most troublesome in the past is to collect large amounts of cash when the final "money clip" Sometimes you hear of have to charge a lot of "loose silver" even more trouble. In iOS 11, Apple joined the Apple Pay in the Peer-to-Peer (P2P)  pay function, as long as through iMessage can pay to a friend, but certification is still carried out in order to fingerprint authentication through Touch ID, and to Apple Pay payment as . When you use the pay, more money will be automatically deposited into the bank, very easy to use. After the "money clip" If you hear of people are using iOS devices to spot "debt collection" even more convenient.


2) Siri can eventually translate!

In iOS 11, Apple also joined the new Siri features, in addition to supporting more languages ​​and can display multiple results outside, this time also added a translation feature, as long as the mother tongue spoken to Siri a talk, then then told Siri translation a specified language, Siri will result in text and voice will be displayed later did a lot easier to travel, especially to some of the places where English is not universal (for example: Japan). This time translation feature Siri is still in beta, being only available in English translated into Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian and Spanish, but whether it can support two-way translation? The official did not mention, appear to be necessary tried to know. In addition, Siri also added support for more third-party software, also adding more intelligent learning function, it seems that Apple’s goal is to everyone’s life in every detail are inseparable from Siri Oh!

3) Camera:  a finer image of better quality relative to the new file format

In addition, the camera aspects of iOS 11 also added a new feature, which is certainly the most important is that no matter shade or adopt a new format film, photo film with respect to switch to a High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) format, so each iPhone 7 or 7 Plus with photographs, the volume can be finer; As for the film aspect, also uses a High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format, compared to the previous H.264 formats, video volume more than half of the fine, nor will affect the quality. In addition, iPhone 7 Plus unique portrait mode, but also improves the quality of photos, especially in low-light conditions, the effect will be more obvious. Further, portrait mode may use an optical anti-shake, True Tone flashing lights, the HDR and other functions.

4) Live Photo:  the manufactured without difficulty with long exposure

In addition to new features on the shade film functions, iOS 11 in the photo (Photos) program has also added new features, first of all, in addition to adding more memory column kind, but when enjoy video memory, when the vertical display, photos will be displayed effect; landscape mode will show a movie format, very intelligent. But the focus of APP photo, or on Live Photo. Browse used in iOS 11 Live Photo albums, not only can set their own as the moment at which Live Photo cover, you can also add a lot of new features, such as: a non-stop loop with Live Photo, or make bounce effect that is similar to the "pop-up shells into the" effect, very enjoyable. However, the most powerful, certainly the new "long exposure" feature, for example: We Live Photo shoot with the river, just use this feature, you can make a similar effect long exposure, so that we do not have a tripod make beautiful long exposure photos. I was thinking: used later to beat the rails, light rails photo, it will certainly be more convenient.


5) Control Center: The new Control Center easier to use

On the interface, iOS 11 also uses a newly designed control center, they wanted to control music playback in the control center, do not turn the page, just to 3D Touch method, using a pressure tap music control bar, you can demonstrate the music player interface, you want to play, stop playing music, or skip to the previous or next music, very easy. In addition, other features, including: a variety of wireless switching functions, control volume, open the torch and so on, one by one can be done on the same page, they wanted to control the iPhone, even for the big screen iPhone 7 Plus, you can also easily have controlled with one hand a.


6) iPhone become more "artificial intelligence."

iPhone itself has been part of the smart phone, but in iOS 11, iPhone will become more "intelligent", it secretly observed behavior with the use of home, for example: look at what page, what movies to enjoy, and then give the most appropriate advice. For example: When you browse travel information page of a country, it will write down some keywords, and then when we chat communication software with a friend, simply enter one or two letters of the keyword, even if everyone in the past never enter this place name, it will still appear in the vocabulary suggestions column, very powerful. As for the kind of respect, it will press a few elements records, including: language identification (Language Identification), symbols (Tokenization), Lemmatization (Lemmatization), part of the semantic (Part of Speech) and named entity recognition (Named Entity Recognition), really very smart.


7) Apple Map: the final indoor map!

As for maps of, iOS 11 also has new features this time, not only joined the line on the navigation instructions, we will not make the wrong lane line when not driving, the map data this time have joined the indoor map, which will include a floor map of the shopping malls and airports, and shopping malls in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong airport, the official also said that the relevant function has been added, in the future we have to find the location specified store in the mall, or to find a gate where airport and took out iPhone will know. In addition, if you’re also function iOS 11 new drive, as long as the system senses of everyone connected the iPhone Apple Car system, it will recommend the use of a home, "You Are the One while driving" function that, after starting all message prompts are not will be displayed on the iPhone screen, while the iPhone will become full-screen display only black or navigation interface, in order to avoid interference with the family car.
The most special is, "You Are the One while driving" function even if the message has reached the iPhone, but with the home opened, the system will automatically respond to each other means that you are driving, the message will show up later, so you need not manually reply the other side also know you’re driving. Of course, the case of important messages, you need to let motorists instantly know that they can enter Urgent keyword, motorists still will immediately see a message, very considerate.


8) AirPlay 2: support was added to control multi-room AirPlay 2 Horn

In terms of smart home, iOS now supports multiple devices in the past, but in iOS 11 in, iOS eventually supports multiple control room speakers, as long as the specified brand of speakers, you can control the speakers in different rooms using a device what music to play, of course, also be used to control the Apple TV connected TV playing music friends.


9) Apple Music: can listen to music-loving friends know

Music App aspect, iOS 11 also added a small amount of new features, not only to know what friends like to listen to music, even when friends to a party in your house, but your favorite music can be plugged into your music playlist, live with you share it. Everyone in the new Apple Music interface, you can also see what music will be played at a few that we have to insert a song or Philon, are the early preparations.


10) App Store: The new App Store interface

iOS 11 of the App Store interface is also completely new look, not only the game, APP has its own pages, each page that can be seen in the content of the IAP, later to be "gold class" it is easier. In addition, it has also added "Today" interface, or what new APP game, one can see everything. But the whole interface, and over the past nine years, App Store interface is completely different, really want a little time to adapt


11) AR: added support element AR

In recent years, VR, AR etc. is becoming increasingly popular, relevant applications are also more and more, it seems that Apple would be difficult to resist this trend, in this time of iOS 11, also added support for AR function, as long as with the right APPS, you can the AR experience on iOS devices. Apple also released a ARKit, so that software developers can take advantage of the iPhone’s processor, motion sensor and lens, the AR element into its own APP or the game, I believe even go to the end of next year on the iPhone should play AR will become increasingly common.


12) For Chinese:   6 China-Related Features

Apple in recent years more and more attention to the Chinese market, in iOS 11 also home to pay more for China with the six new features, including: support for QR Code reading, anti-fraud SMS extension browsing traffic camera, support voice changed to Shanghai language text, enter the English alphabet on the 10-key keyboard and telephone number as Apple ID.

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Top 3 Solutions to Unlock iPhone 7/7 Plus Backup Password After Upgrading iOS 11

”How do I find the password to unlock my iPhone 7 backup file after upgrading iOS 11? When I try to backup my iPhone  photos to iTunes, it asks for the password to unlock my iPhone  backup but I have no idea when and what the password is. I am really sad about this and I need somebody to help me with this trouble. Thanks in advance.”

It is not so happy that iTunes backup file is password protected at times, which results in the failure to backup iPhone materials. So once we met this problem by accident, how to solve with this trouble? There is several solutions we are able to do.

Solution 1: Remind iPhone 7/7Plus Backup Password

Perhaps you are concerned about this free solution and think of it is so ridiculous and nonsense. As a matter of fact, some iPhone owners do remind their password at last. There are some clues you can attempt, such as iPhone passcode, 12345, Apple ID password, etc. Anyway, just try all the passwords related to Apple products and the possible password you may use. Don’t forget to use the upper case and lower case characters. Good luck to you.

Solution 2: Backup iPhone 7/7Plus Data with iCloud

If you are urgent to backup your data but there is not time to remind the backup password, try to back them up with iCloud account. In order to backup data in iCloud, you need to type your Apple ID account and the correct login password.

    • If you backup data in Windows/Mac platform, just open Apple iCloud application and login with Apple ID and password, and then access to iCloud. Finally backup data successfully.
    • If you backup data in iPhone 7/7Plus device, make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on. Go to Settings -> [your name] -> iCloud to check it. For iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings –> iCloud. After that, iCloud will backup iPhone data automatically.


Solution 3: Use iPhone Backup Unlocker

If the above ways doesn’t help, the last but not least measure is to take advantage of Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker. It is a professional and well-known program to unlock/recover/retrieve backup password of iPhone in iTunes. As an easy-to-use application for Windows OS, it supports all iOS versions and Apple devices, such as iOS 11/10/9/8/7, etc and iPhone 7/7Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s/5c/5, iPhone 4, etc.

Now follow me and let’s see how it works as belw:

Step 1. Download and install iPhone Backup Unlocker to your Windows-based computer and then double-click mouse to launch its icon on your desktop.

Step 2. In the main interface, click Add button to insert the backup file to this software. The backup file is named “Manifest.plist”.

Step 3. Choose one of the password attack types from Dictionary Attack, Brute Force with Mask Attack and Brute Force Attack. You can also click the Settings button on the right side to customize the type.

Step 4. Click Start button and then the software will find out the final backup password.

Well, so that’s all the top 3 ways to unlock backup password of iPhone 7/7Plus after upgrading iOS 11 . Have you got the main idea and are ready to cope with your password issue? Hope it works to you and if you are intered in iTunes backup password unlocker, you can also read more in this blog.

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How to fix iOS 10.2 Battery Draining Fast

“I installed iOS 10.2 on my iPhone 6s plus, but a while late the battery was completely discharged, what changed in iOS 10.2 to affect battery usage like this? Please tell me how to fix this trouble.” Below is a tutorial for us to learn how to handle iOS 10.2 battery draining fast.

Part 1: How to fix iOS 10.2 Battery Draining Fast

Step 1: First to check the battery usage. Go to settings – to check battery if there is an app that is the chief culprit. Then reboot your iPhone, here you need to hold down the wake/sleep button and home button until the Apple Logo appears.
Step 2: Reset all settings. Go to settings – General – Reset – Reset all settings to factory default.
Step 3: Enable Low power mode. Go to settings – Battery – Turn on low power mode.
Step 4: You can turn on airplane mode. Here you just need to enable airplane mode when you are not using the iPhone.


Step 5: Try to turn off background app refresh. We all know when you turn on this feature, the app will work in the background and use the battery. So if you don’t need the apps refresh automatically, you can just Go to settings – General – Background App Refresh – Turn it off. That’s OK now.

Step 6: Please turn off location services. Just open settings app, go to privacy and location services, you can click turn it off. On the other way, you can also set it to enable the services while using the app.

Step 7: You can disable iCloud keychain. Simply go to settings, and then to iCloud, keychain just turn it off. Or you can downgrade to the old version.
Step 8: Restore your device. This step can erase all the settings and content on your device, so it is the last option.

Part 2: How to fix iOS 10.2 stuck issues

To iOS 10.2 stuck, most users think it is another common trouble to most iPhone, iPad and iPod users. When your devices stuck on Apple logo, black/blue screen, what will you do? The option for me to is to use Tenorshare Reiboot. It is an all-in-one program to fix iOS device stuck issues.


Step 1: Download and install Reiboot on any accessible computer. Then running this program on your computer
Step 2: Now you can connect your iOS devices from USB cable to the PC or Mac. The freeware supports the latest iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus.

Step 3: Here you can click highlighted “Enter Recovery Mode’ to start to fix the apple logo stuck issue.
Step 4: After several seconds, after the process complete. You will find the “Exit Recovery Mode” is clickable. Click “Exit Recovery Mode’ to reboot the stuck device. Now your device is rebooting successfully.

If you have any other troubles about iOS devices, please do not hesitate to leave your trouble on our website comment sections. After that, we will send a response to you at once.

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How to Reset an iPhone 7 that Freezes during Setup

“Help! I am in trouble now! Who can tell me how to reset an iPhone 7 that freezes during setup? I buy my iPhone 7 for several weeks and recently it seems that there is something wrong with it. Now it’s freezing during setup, how to solve it please give me some suggestions. ”


It’s really so sad that we buy an iPhone 7 but something is wrong with it several days later. That is not we would like to see but sometimes it really happens. When we meet this question, how to deal with it? Is there any way to solve with it? Of course yes, we are able to use the following methods to deal with this problem. Let’s see how to reset an iPhone 7 that freezes during setup with the practical methods.

Method 1: Reset/Restore iPhone 7 with Reiboot

If you need to reset/restore iPhone 7, you can use Tenorshare Reiboot, which is a nice and professional free software t o fix all iPhone issues with one click, such as to put iOS device into recovery mode, to let your iPhone in/out of recovery mode. It supports Windows and Mac platform. You can choose it as a nice tool to fix iPhone 7 issues.

Now let’s see how to reset iPhone 7 that freezes during setup as with Reiboot as below.

Step 1-The same as other software, you need to download it from official website before using it. Then install and launch this application. Then you will see the main interface with color blue. Note that if your computer is Windows, download the Windows version, if Mac, download the Mac version.

Step 2-After that, connect your iPhone 7 to your personal computer. If the iTunes boot as the same time, that is a normal phenomenon, just ignore it. Wait for a few seconds, the Reiboot will recognize your software and begin to do you a favor.

Step 3-After connecting, you need to click the “Exit Recovery Mode” option to reset iPhone 7. If that doesn’t work at the first time, try it twice.

Method 2: Reset/Restore iPhone 7 with iCareFone

The other way is to use Tenorshare iCareFone to restore iPhone 7. If you are prudentially enough, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone to fix iPhone 7. This is a nice program to restore your iPhone 7 that freezes during setup. It also supports Windows and Mac. You can choose to fit it.

Now let’s see how to reset iPhone 7 that freezes during setup as below.

Step 1: Download and install iCareFone and then launch to open this software. You can also click the option to link to iCareFone from Reiboot.

Step 2: Connect iPhone 7 to computer, and then iCareFone will recognize your machine. You will see 6 sub-options, just choose “Fix iOS Stuck” and then to follow the steps.

Step 3: After a while, the software will reset/restore the frozen iPhone 7 for you and then your device will as usual as before.

Well that’s all about the solution, if it works, please share it with your friends, thank you so much.

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[Solved] iPhone 6s Home Button is Burning Out

Apple releases its iPhone 6s in the year of 2015. As we expected, there are some bugs in it when it comes to our eyes firstly. One of them is home button burning out. Most of the iPhone 6s users complain that iPhone 6s home button is burning out when they use it. It seems that such bug has appeared in iPhone 6 but now it become more seriously. What’s worse, some users can’t open the flashlight when they attempt to take photos, some of them even auto power-off. That’s really terrible! Consequently, in this article, we are going to share tips about how to solve this problem of iPhone 6s home button is burning out.


Why iPhone 6s home button is burning out

This is because iPhone 6s running speed is faster than the older iPhone, so that the temperature will rise. And home button is next to pyrotoxin, so it is hot and even burning out. And once the temperature of iPhone 6s is high, will influence the usage of some hardware, one of them is flashlight. When the machine fever, iOS system will pop up information about “Need to chill before using flashlight.” If iPhone 6s continue to burn out, system will power off automatically, in order to protect hardware be damaged by high temperature. Beside this, some possible reasons are, system software conflict or mother board working voltage instability. The last reason is, Touch ID fingerprint identification lead to iPhone 6s home button is burning out.

How to Fix Problem iPhone 6s is burning out

After knowing why iPhone 6s is burning out, then you need to learn how to fix iPhone 6s is burning out. Just keep reading as below:

[1]: First of all, when we feel that the phone home button is burning, keep pressing the power button in the right side of the phone.


Then enter the “Slide to Power Off” option window, and then slide it to close the iPhone, then restart it.


[2]: Or we are able to restart it by forces shutdown. At the same time, use your finger to press the Power and Home button on the right side, until we the iPhone 6s enter whiter Apple mode, then loosen the finger.


[3]: If the phone is still burning hot after rebooting, you can click the option: Settings->> General->> Reset->> Erase All Content and Settings, to restore. However, your data will lose in this method. Therefore, this is a careful consideration.

erase iphone data

[4]: It the above solutions are not working, please take the shopping invoice to the Apple after-sales service center in 15 days when you begin to buy the phone. Then to make sure the problem with the help of the Apple staff, they will change a new one for you.

[5]: Another way is to open your iPhone settings and then enter the general setting, then to open the software update, to check whether there is a new version or not. If yes, just to update the iOS system to repair the issue.

Well, that’s all the information that we collect, hope them helpful to you. By the way, if you have any other problems, such as iPhone stuck, iPhone runs too slow, iPhone backup and restore, iPhone remove ads, iPhone repair system, and iPhone data transfer, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone to fix them. It is a professional software and it supports Windows and Mac platform.

Download Tenorshare iCareFone for Windows Here

Download Tenorshare iCareFone for Mac Here

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Top 3 iTunes Backup Password Unlocker

When using an Apple device, no matter iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will find that the content gets automatically synchronized whenever you connect it to your PC, once you have installed iTunes on your computer. So you can find a backup copy of your files on your iTunes. Sometimes you may find the need to unlock your iTunes backup so you can restore your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Such as you have just lost your iTunes backup password. This is one of the passwords that you always forget, or you never seem to know what iTunes application password to access all your files.


If you are looking for ways in which you can unlock your iTunes backup password. Here are three of the top tools that can be useful when you unlock iTunes backup password.

Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker

Tenorshare iTunes Backup Password Unlocker ensures 100% decryption for your iTunes backup password with powerful decryption technique, provides 3 types of attacks, Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. Which allows you to select the most appropriate one to unlock the iTunes backup password. This software supports most of the iPhone, iPad and iPod modes, easy to use with simple and initiative interface. What’s more, you can unlock iTunes backup password with the professional version.

iTunes Password Genius

iTunes Password Genius compatible with iPhone 6/6 plus/5s/5c/5/4s/4, iPad 4/3/2/Mini/Air/Mini, also have Brute-Force, Mask, Dictionary three Attack types. And the iTunes Password Genius can also restore iTunes backup to iPhone/iPad/iPod.

iSeePassword iTunes Backup Password Recovery

iSeePassword iTunes Backup Password Recovery offers a forensic way to access password-protected backups for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Supports any version of iTunes (including old versions for applications that are slow to update), no damage to backup data and computer would be expected.

Have checked the top 3 iPhone backup password unlocker, have you made a final decision? If you still have any problem about iTunes backup password unlocker, be free to tell us by leaving a comment in comment section.

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How to recover or remove iPhone backup password successfully

If one day you lost your iPhone backup password in the condition that you do not remember you iTunes password, or you do not have set an iTunes password. From in that condition, you will not be allowed to login to your iPhone. There are top 2  methods applies to  for you to recover or remove your iPhone backup password.

Top 1: Try all possible passwords.

So if you can’t remember your iTunes backup password at all, you can try some possible passwords to meet the fortune. This is the most simple and common methods you can use to recover iPhone backup password. Below are several passwords you can try to erase your memory.
1.Try your iTunes Store password.
2.Try your Apple ID password.
3.Try your Windows Administrator password.
4.Try all kinds of variations of your family’s name or birthday.
5.Try some possible passwords, like “000”, ”1234”, etc.

Top 2: Using iPhone backup password recovery tool-iPhone Backup Unlocker.

If you have tried all the above possible methods but they still did not work at all, don’t be annoyed, iPhone backup unlocker program will take you out of the condition. It is a specially designed tool for iPhone users to recover lost or forgotten iTunes backup password.
One option that you need to pay attention to is that iPhone Backup Unlocker provides two versions. The standard version is aimed at recover iPhone backup password, the professional version is aimed at remove iPhone backup password.

Part1: Recover your iPhone backup password.

Step1: Download the professional software- iPhone Backup Unlocker to install and run on your computer.

iPhone backup unlocker-1

Step2: Choose an attack type that you want to use to unlock your iPhone backup password. The program offers three methods to recover iPhone backup password:
Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack. After that you need to define sets of Brute-force with Mask Attack type and Dictionary Attack type.
If you choose “Brute-force Attack”, it will try all possible ways and don’t need to define anything. But it will costs a long time.
If you choose “ Brute-force with Mask Attack”, you need to click “setting” to define something, such as password length.
If you choose “Dictionary Attack type”, you also need to click “setting” to move forward.
Step3: In that step, you just need to click “start” to recover your iPhone backup password. After several minutes later, you will see your lost iPhone password is listed on the below.

Part2: Remove iPhone backup password.

iPhone Backup Unlocker Professional can help you remove password from your encrypted iPhone backup file directly, which iTunes can’t do.
Follow the steps of below, you can remove your iPhone backup password, then you will login to your iPhone without password.
Step1: Download the professional software- iPhone Backup Unlocker to install and run on your computer.
Step2: Select one encrypted iPhone backup file that you want to remove the iPhone backup password. Then click “encrypt” to remove your iPhone backup password.


As far as I am concerned, this method is the easiest way to recover  iPhone backup password. iPhone Backup Unlocker is the fastest tool to recover iPhone backup password.

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The Easy and Safe Way to get back deleted Viber messages from iPhone/iPad/iPod

Question: I recently reformatted my iPhone so everything got erased. I re-installed my apps including viber and when I checked it, my old messages are not there anymore. Is there any way I can get back the deleted Viber messages?

viber messages recovery

What’s your answer about this question? You may choose to restore the Viber messages from iTunes or iCloud backup. But keep in mind that you may take a risk losing the data you haven’t backuped. Then you may ask if there is an easy and safe way to achieve this. Yes of course. Here I happen to know a professional tool can help you-Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery. This tool provides 3 recovery modes to you. I will take the first recovery mode as example to recover Viber messages. Details are as follows:

Step 1: Connect iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC & Select recovery mode

Download and launch iPhone Data Recovery. Then connect your iOS device to your Windows computer. After the connection complete click “Start Scan” to proceed.

Step 2: Start scanning for deleted Viber messages

After the scanning process finishes, you can preview your Viber messages. Select which you want to recover.

Step 3: Preview & Recover Viber messages

Click “Recover” to recover deleted Viber messages on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and choose a path where you want to save the recovered messages.

In addition to the recovery mode above, you can also choose to get back your deleted Viber messages from iTunes or iCloud backup. This 2 recovery modes are smart choices for some cases in which you can’t access your iPhone/iPad/iPod. The steps are much the same in the 3 recovery modes. If you have any problems you can leave a comment under the post. Good luck to you!

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iCloud VS iTunes, which one should you choose to back up your iOS device?

As all we know, data on iPhone is important for us, especially contacts, SMS and photos. It is necessary to make a backup regularly in case of data loss. Previously you need to connect your iOS device to computer with USB cable by iTunes. A new backup way-iCloud backup was introduced when iOS 5 came out. In general, now we can use iTunes or iCloud to back up our iPhone, iPad and iPod. Which one is better? Here I am talking about it.

iCloud vs itunes

Backing up to iCloud

When you start using iCloud service, Apple provides you 5GB of free cloud storage space. The advantage of iCloud Backup is that you can back up your iOS devices wirelessly and automatically without connecting your device to a computer. So this way is easy and convenient.
1. When you should use iCloud backup

  • You have no Mac or PC.
  • You want to make a backup automatically when your device is connected with WiFi.
  • Recovering lost iPhone data anywhere.
  • You don’t connect your iOS device to a Mac or PC very frequently.

2. What can be stored by iCloud? Here is the list:

  • Contacts, SMS, iMessages
  • Bookmarks, Calendars,Notes.
  • Device setting
  • iCloud Photo Library beta (if enabled).
  • Shared photo streams and My Photo Stream.
  • Documents you save in iCloud using iOS apps and Mac apps.

Note: iCloud won’t back up the video, music, and TV shows that you didn’t purchase from the iTunes Store

3. How to make an iCloud backup for your iOS device? It is very easy. Just three steps:

  • Keep your iOS device connected to Wi-Fi and plugged into the charger(Or make sure iPhone has enough power).
  • Tap Settings > iCloud > Backup.
  • Tap iCloud Backup to turn it on.
  • Tap Back Up Now.

icloud backup

Backing up to iTunes

Some people sync their iPhone data to iTunes regularly, because they think making a backup with iTunes is easy, and much quicker than iCloud. That’s how it goes. The data is synced over the USB cable with high speed.

1. You can use iTunes Backup in these situations:
You own a computer and use it frequently.
You want on-site backups.
You have no Apple ID.
You would like a manual or secondary backup solution to use together with iCloud Backup.

2. How to make an iTunes backup?

  • First, you should connect the iOS device to the computer (Mac or PC) with a USB cable.
  • Second, open iTunes. Choose File > Devices > Back up.

Note: Make sure your computer has the latest version of iTunes

Please notice that iTunes Backup doesn’t create a duplicate backup of your movies, music, podcasts, and apps. When you back up, your media content is synced from your primary computer using iTunes.

itunes backup

Using both together is the best choice

So which one is better? There is no exact answer. It is best to use both iCloud and iTunes backup. Take advantage of iCloud backup’s ease and reliability, and make an iTunes backup for your iOS device once a week or a month. If you want to recover iPhone (iPad, iPod) data, just use them.

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Tenorshare 2014 Christmas Promotion: Enjoy the Biggest Discount of Up to $15 Off

Extremely grateful for all your support, Tenorshare are currently running a Christmas promotion in this Christmas season. For a limited time, all users are able to get an extra 10% discount of all Tenorshare products. What’s more, you can enjoy the biggest discount of up to $15 off for certain products. To start picking up gifts, check our Christmas Page right now! To learn more about this promotion, keeping reading!
The $15 off discount products include:
iPhone Data Recovery (Original $69.95, now $54.95) — The best-selling product ever to aid in the recovery of lost data on iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 etc. It has reached 37,860 total downloads and gained a full 5 star ratings in CNET Download.
iPhone Backup Unlocker (Original $49.95, now $34.95) – A powerful backup unlocker to quickly find and disable iPhone, iPad, iPod backup password with its strong decryption methods.

Android Data Recovery Pro (Windows: Original $69.95, now $54.95; Mac: Original $59.95, now $44.95) – A reliable data recovery tool for Android phones, including Samsung, HTC, Sony. It is spoken highly of by all users.

Any Data Recovery Pro (Windows: Original $49.95, now $34.95; Mac: Original $59.95, now $44.95) – Enables you to easily recover any data for Windows, Mac and Linux file system.
iPhone Care Pro (Original $49.95, now $34.95) – A must-have iOS system care product to fix all iOS problems and tune up iPhone, iPad, iPod.
For the above-mentioned 7 products, you can directly buy them from our Christmas page. They have automatically had a $15 price reduction when you pay for them. For other products, you just go to the official website of Tenorshare, click “Buy Now” button on the purchase page and enter the coupon code (TENO-ARO7-UCOX) in the shopping cart. Quite easy, isn’t it? Grab the golden chance and take advantage of the discounts before they expire.

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